Ulavi, Karnataka

Ulavi is famous for it’s Ulavi caves (cow caves). And many people go to Dandeli National park and anshi national park for the jungle experience.

Ulavi happed to be yet another beautiful discovery as I walked the forest of this areas at the stike of first light.

The womb of Dandeli, most densed forest of Utar Karnataka.

But as I have stated earlier, speaking to locals can be serendipity. I was exploring the jungles of Ulavi on foot when I met and made a new friend called Sufi. This guy again, opened up with so many stories and myths about this place.

This place is full of stories like jungle our very own India jungle lores that were shared arround camp fire.

Ali Khan Hulvi who lived for 125 years was the jungle healer of this village. He had knowledge of the forest and has healed everything from snake stings to broken bones. Sufi told me a story about a bull who’s leg was broken, and Ali Khan healed it. The bulled worked in the farms for ten more years and died. They dissected the leg to see hoe the broken leg was healed miraculously to find out that it had a joint like been wielded together.

The knowledge of this healer rests in hands of his son and disciples in this village.

Beautiful way toward the caves.

The forest of Ulavi are rich in flora. As the black Panther, Bisons, deers, barasingha, Tigers and leopard find resting places in the canopies of the trees that reach the sky. The birds of the trees sing the songs that reminds of the silence.

There are many indeginous masala plants trees and herbs found in this region. Most special of all is the Dhup (gum trees secrets) is burnt on coal and used in many local rituals and pooja.

Chillimihudda, Ulavi.

There are many caves near Ulavi, but this natural spring of water cought my attention to spend hours arround this place.

Ulavi means cow.

This places finds its inspiration in cow which is native breed of India and can still be found in many places of South India and Konkan region of Maharashtra to the Sri Lankan island country. This breed is short and grazes in the mountains unlike the Jersey and some cross breeds that are omni present in India Today.

From a religious place where Basavanna came wandering and settled, to the the dense forest and wisdom it has shared with the people of this place, Ulavi in need has marked itself on the map of this trip.

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