The silent watcher

Photo by James Lee on Unsplash

Award winning poem by Anam Shaykh

I was there, the silent watcher,

Counting my fate in my head,

I knew nothing about the events in and out,

But I still had a clue somehow.

What I knew was either I win , or I lose,

But I wasn’t sure of cues it threw,

I thought I was fine, I will go for it,

But then I questioned, will it be worth it?

I am silent like the night ,

But I am screaming like the sea,

Desperately I wait for the end,

For it tells me if I stay or I leave . 

I hope someday the voices in me clear out,

For I stay , really stay there forever,

With no doubts, no clues, no questions in and out,

For  now I think I’ll settle as the silent watcher.

Watching my fate bloom or burning down.

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  1. Zarin Sayed says:

    You are awesome !!!

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