Sirsi – Banvasi – Honnemadaru.

I am banking on the uncertainties. Met with unexpected rain, hence decided to halt in Sirsi.

Next morning went to the beautiful temple of Maarikamba in Sirsi and headed towards Banavasi.

Maarikamba temple, Sirsi
Paintings on the Maarikamba temple.


Banavasi was a spot yet again suggested by the locals. I am glad that I visited this place.

The temple is still in use and is well mentained.

Details of the monolithic bed at Banvasi.
Archeological findings on Banvasi kept in prison.
Carvings on a black schist pillar


Honnemadaru if a the gate of Paradise. Namito a lady which has spent her life k guarding this gate gave a boat ride in the back waters of Sharavati.


I also spoted the rare bird of paradise in Honnemadaru. The sight which I always wondered to see.

Road Honnemadaru to Sagar.

It was pleasure meeting a couple from Belgaum Yashodha and Shiva who were on vacation in the region. They insisted to stay in Sagar, but I was drifted towards Rattihalli.

Went to Rattihalli from here. Tried from the rowing boat in the backwaters and all soaked in rain.

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