Road from Shivpur Hanging bridge to Ulavi, Dandeli Karnataka.

Very rarely I would dedicated a post to a travel experience. This happens to be the one.

Beautiful road towards Magod Falls
Magod Falls.

The road ahead was indeed one on the most unforgiving terrains I have come across. Steep slopes and roads full of rock. Karina has shown and proven her strength to her limits. She is a strong old lady 🙂

Bank of Kali River beneath the Shivpur Hanging Bridge.

I was tempted to spend the night here but could not resist the temptation to move ahead towards Ulavi, because of the stories I had heard about the place.

Road after Shivpur Hanging bridge.

Night in Ulavi

To be frank when I reached Ulavi, it wa dark. And I thought that this is it, yet another religious place where people come in the day and return at night.

People rushing to and fro to the temple. The loudspeakers and strangers asking for liquor was what I was welcomed with to Ulavi village. My first thought about the place were like a this would be just another place which has seen deprivation of habitablity and hospitality due lack of percolation of rooted culture. But this was contradicted when I got out of the sleeping bag next morning.

This was the sleeping arrangement 😅. The bridge would have been a better place.



15 Feb 2021,Ulavi Village, Karnataka.

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