Reached Rattihalli late night and there are no hotels in Rattihalli 😂

Nagraj and some locals from the town fixed me in this beautiful government banglow for the night.

IB of Rattihalli

At the strike of dawn ran out the banglow towards the kadamba temple in Rattihalli.

Kadamba temple, Rattihalli.

I am also getting good at jumping over the fences and breaching from the back doors. Now it happens to be my forte.

I am kind of obsessed with these lion figures of Chalukya temples. This one has ornamentation on it’s torso.
Statue of Mahavira, Jainism was largely accepted and promoted at the times of Chalukya’s

There is so much more to this trip. The. Blog post might not be a true justice to the experience. But neither the less I will continue to share them.

What I really look forward to share is the material I am geting for the research, and will be more adequate and good set up to share the learnings from this trip; complied together.


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