Patadakallu, Bagalkot, Karnataka

After exploring Aihole for 3 days, I finally could find some reconciliation with Patadakallu. It took me another 2 days to explore the temple complex and places arround this Heritage site.

Aihole still being my first love on this Badami affair Patadakallu can be regarded as the step further of Aihole. The lines and reliefs of the Aihole seems like gaining more mass and form in Patadakallu. The word and sentences from the visual imagery of Aihole becomes a language in Patadakallu with the glory of more refined and three demonsional shapes.

There were multiple shapes and patterns on the pillars and columns of same temple in Aihole. The patterns are now seen to be woven in a theme at Patadakallu. Having said that the structure here also play out the drama of different cultures and influences like Dravid from the south and Aryans of the North.

Detoured in the farms near by.

Beautiful mandap in a farm near Patadakallu.


I have found a keen interest in the figurines of Lajjagauri. These carvings, reliefs and sculptures are spread across all india. The interesting point of Lajjagauri is that she dates back even before inceptiona of god and religion.

Lotus headed Lajjagauri with Digambar (naked) body opened up like birthing.

Lajja is often interpreted as a shame in the case of Lajjagauri. But nudity was natural to land on of South Asia. I have seen depictions shyness until now, on this trip and no depictions of shame whatsoever in the sculptures seen so far. Infact the expression seems to be non existent in this land, until colonists asked us to bate there shame. Which disurupted the core identities of our culture.

Then the only rational interpretation I was left with is the modesty in identity of the figurine. The ego that we identify is dissolved. The lotus head represents the cosmic consciousness and birthing as creativity that accompanies the cognition. No wonder a female body, naturally abled to be creative and productive bares the responsibility of depicting the process of recieving, incubating and manifesting of a realised being.

Daigo, Patadkallu

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