Mundgod, Tibetan Settlement.

After hoping arround from Gadag to Hubali I wen to Mundgod to experience Dzogchen in the Tibetan Settlement of Mundgod.

It is interesting to see how India as imported and accepted cultures of the world in the past. There are conflicts within the culture which again lead to more disruptions and evolution. Like Marks theory, where thought are in conflict with each other and the best of it survive through winning and symbiosis.

Land of India is fertile enough to welcome and let the cultures from the north and east to find grounds to survive on it. Tibetan settelment finding Refuge in South India is one of the most significant event in cultural history after Aryans and Mughals form the north and east respectively.

Journey of a sentient being on the path to enlightenment, a fortunate one.

The Buddhism, that Padmasambhav took to the virgin platues and montains of Tibetan has found its was back to India. Mature and shining more than ever. And with it it brings the offsprings of the art, architecture and culture which was incubated in Tibet where Buddhist teaching were merged with Shamnic stories and rituals. The outcome is astonishing. The imagery which depicts mysticism and a lifestyle that banks in the uncertainties of life.

Mundgod was celebrating New year when I reached there. And guess what, beting with 100 rupees on the crate of cold drinks is how they celebtarted it. I had my own bet, which I lost 🤷‍♂️

But I bet to see how this new found soil to the Dzogchen might spread it’s roots in the roots of the land of it’s past. A one more jwell in the ornamentation of Indian beauty.

I felt welcomed and accepted by the Tibetan people. They have learnt our language and have an open heart. Most of the population in Tibetan culture is of monks and none of them failed to interact after striking a conversation. Felt home oo.




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