Mirjan fort – Yana Caves

Unlike other forts which were built in the coastal Region of Karnataka and Maharashtra, which is also regarded as Parshuram belt and accomodate many structures from Chalukya, Satvahan and Kalyani Chalukya Dynasty; Mirjan fort stands out to mark the bled of Islamic and Portuguese architecture. The geometrical shapes and curves of this fort spread across 12 acres has no extention to the architectural evidence found arround this place. Which also makes it difficult to determine the era, in which it was built in.

St. Joseph Curch beside Mirjan Fort.

There is Konkani and Kanada speaking population which resides in this village and St. Josheph church.

A huge well that sources its water from Agnanashi River.

Yanna Caves

Yana caves is miracle of nature. The Karst rock formations offer spectacular view of where nature has carved it’s extraordinary poems.

I am heading towards Sirsi, as Naik form Gokarna had justed some Temples for the research arround that place.

View from the ghats of Sirsi.
A temple in Manjagunni, 10km in from Sirsi road.

Was suppose to pass Sirsi today, but it started raining heavily, hence had to halt in Sirsi.

P.s I did try many Soda Lemon today. But none of them tasted like the Shrikanth from Gangavalli made!



Sirsi, Karnataka.

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