Mandagiri, Tumkuru

Hi I am in Tumkuru. Came here in hopes to see the largest monolithic hill in Asia.

Mandagiri, Tumkuru, Karnataka.

And I did see it. I kept my hopes high to climb the stairs that leads to the table top of this hill.

The climb.

But was welcomed by a hideous cement structure. Most of the natrual wonders in India are stained by such wannabe egotistical modern buildings. They do nothing else than merely marking and claiming the to be better the nature. Which is impossible.

Unlike some of the Jain Basadi and Hindu Temples of the past which were extention to the nature in Badami Lakkundi, Rattihalli and other parts if Karnataka.

Beautiful old temple behind the current concrete structure.

Today is full moon day. And also my Birthday day, would have been beautiful to sit on the table top and meditate on the changing phases of the stream of life.

Sunset from the top.
Moon rise.

Having enquired was told that 4.4 crore rupees are spent to build a cement Tree. That shit is expensive.

Leaving no breathing space on the table top. This structure starts even before the climb is over.

There is a saying in marathi, which sadly cannot be translated to English. “झगा मगा, मला बघा!” Marathi readers may try to translate in the comments 😆




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