Kolhapur- Raibag – Mudhol – Badami

As I left Kolhapur, I knew I was leaving many things behind. Some intentionally and some otherwise. The apartment which I recently sold, to the street of desire and people walking on them.
Embarking on the journey that would take me months to fulfill, I am humbled. May what come, me  and my vintage 1983 Royal Enflied (Karina) are going to gallop on the streets and muds of this land spread on South of India; was the promise I made to myself. I Gently recalled a German Proverb shared by my friend Roberto on his Dehradun bike ride. “Wir sind nicht auf sucker” (We are not made of Sugar).

Adi hill, Kagal.

Adi hills near Kagal marked the end of Sahyadri and begining of the Dakhan (Deccan). Transition from province I know to the province I have heard off.  From people I know to people I use to know.


Street of Raibag
Puri bhaji and Chutni a breakfast typical to this area.


Mudhol holds a special place in my heart. My grandmother and great grandmother were native to this place. Once a Marathi speaking province now takes no pride in any one language. I met man who spoke five. But still had only one advice, to get married and come with your family next time. Advice don’t change in any language I guess 😜.

The land has forgotten it’s king  as the language of the past. Only one of the 10 people could point me towards the Rajwada (Royal Castle). The Ruins of the fort that once stood here are claimed by the locales and  they have build there houses on whatever is left of the epicenter of a kingdom. The castle is a private property and nobody recognised the name Ghorpade when even asked to the people of adjacent compound.

Rajwada road, Mudhol
Temple near Rajwada
New construction build in the ruins of the fort, keeping the bastion intact and utilising it in the new development.
Police Gymkhana, Modhol
Vilas Palace, Modhul.
King Edward Hospital built in 1923 during British Raj.

Ahh!!! Modhul hounds seem to have become the new highlight in the identity of the this place. A brach of Saluki which was brought by the Chalukya’s to the land from 2nd to 6th century. But the topic of these hounds is so vast that it might need a special website.

Looking forward to…


See this and you know you are in Badami.

Reached Badami to see Bail bazar (bull market) at it’s high beneath the raging Sun. It was beautiful to see how people were passionate about geting themselves a new pair of beast. The nature of purchase might differs in many ways, much from the scenes of bull marketeers of Dalal Street. But people like to know what they buy is the common fact. Life is flux still we are so connected to it…

Bull Market of Badami
The buyers taking home there purchase at the end of the day.

World seems like Mesopotamia. It uses the resources arround and keeps on building. Brick by brick, city by city and culture by culture. It trembles to find the its way back to build something new on the ruins of the past.

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