Karwar, Karnataka

Karwar if melting point of Konkani and Kanada. Being in Karwar is like being in Kanada speaking Konkani town. Some traces and influence of Marathi are inseparable from this town.

Where River Kali meets the Arabian Sea.

I saw it this town leaving under the shadow of Naval Base. Generally I walk the towns I visist from 15 to 25 km at peak. But most of the place that I was interested in like Anjediva Fort are restricted to visit.

But never the less this town does offer beautiful sights of Houses that have coastal British influence on them. And thers is an undercurrent of trend import from the tourism of Panjim, Goa too.

The market place of this place is the most active place, karvar being a port city. Although many trades have siezed to exist due to Naval Base presence, this town still reflect the trading history.

Red Sniper in hotel Amrut.
Pomphret that lasted for two days in my belly 😆, hotel Sea View.

Karwar did prophel something.

A resting place like Karwar offers a point to reflect on the journey. And while having breakfast at one of the joint in Karwar, I saw this picture of Hemamalini posing as Parvati in her performance.

India has always justified the forms and representations of the spirituality. She has honered every form that depicted the bhakti (faith) in its material form. May it be in dance sculptures or any other medium.

In the recent time mostly from the seventies it has seen gratification toward the visual elements regardless of the essential wisdom behind it which arises from the Knowing nature. This has indeed offered a new perspective and a stepping point for the research I am doing about architecture and Objective Art.

I saw a sculpture which was done so absent mindedly that the fingers of the status were misplaced. This is what happens when the art is found in the midst of having and not having, and calculative idealism. We as humans have always replicated. Our self in forms of the offsprings, and the nature in form of the art and things we creat. This might reflect the current phase of what we are doing. Copying with eye closed, without even knowing what we want, what we desire and what we are doing.

The collective consciousness has lost the contributions of the beauty of it’s individual indentity.

This tied me back to Badami where all this stared from to again contempt on the missing links of Indianness to the art in this country.

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