Destiny has brought me to Chitradurga. At the first glance of the magnificent fort of Chitradurga, once the capital and establishment place of Nayaka kingdom.

I am spending 4-5 days in Chitradurga. The fort is spectacular no doubt. But there is some thing special about this place.

I saw a sculpture of Banshakari feet (Padā) at the foot of Chitradurga. It was unusual site, as the sculpture did had the heritage quality to it, but also had a blend of contemporary thinking. Which seeked my attention.

I did enquired about the priest guide and every body I could find to know more about it.

It was next day in the evening, while I was talking stroll in the city, found an artist in his workshop. I asked him if I could see his artwork, to which he graciously agreed. I found the nature of the Padā reflected in the pieces he displayed.

I instantly showed him the photographer of banshankari feet to find out that he had sculpted it.

Kirti (sculptor of Banshakari Padā) working in his workshop.
Photo of the piece before sending to the temple

And this is the beauty of Chitradurga. The Indianness of the art here is intact. So much that even the contemporary work of art connects to the artisanship of the past.

Kirti was telling me about the similarity that reflects between Ajanta Ellora cave sculptures and Badami, inspite of the fact that they were done 1000 years apart.

And so does his work reflects same beauty and bhakti after 1000 years from then.

Ruins of the palace of Nayaka. The fort was under constant threat from Adil Shah and the Dynasty was dissolved during British Intrusion.

One more thing that I found interesting is that there is a cafe on the fort which is operated in an ancient structure.

Usability give purpose to a space and add to the spatial values. This is what is needed. Artworks is museum are like animals in zoo.

Now that all the ancient art and architecture rests in the cages and common people are deprived of it. This is time to built something new that would add to the beauty in this world.

I liked it, although they don’t serve Thumbs up!

This trip is going to take more time than expected. Seen so many places, been in so many spaces. I have already forgotten where I came from and where I am going.

But Chitradurga is going to be a bit longer stay.



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