Badami, Karnataka

You will see all the caves in Badami. They are even numbered chronological, very hard to miss, no matter how inaccessible.

But what you might have to take an extra effort to see the rock paintings at the end of the mountain cliffs of the Badami Village. And the interesting thing about this paintings is that these are made by Homo Erectus, a Homo sapiens (our ancestors) like species from our genes which roam this land. Until we came and pushed them to brink of extinction. Some speculation also suggest that we interbred with them and absorbed them into our genes.

These paintings kept me pondering upon the context and language. The depictions of the animals and lifestyle and hunting seems to be the context of almost all the rock paintings depicted world wide. Art used to communicate the skills and noteworthy points essential for survival, which disurupted to the spirituality and art of being. Art has found its way to be what is through the vehicle of communication.

Rock paintings of Badami, dating back to 60000 to 100000 years.

Visual art is a Medium of expression and more so ever it is a form of communication.

Any given language is to be understood by the context of the situation, and looking at the paintings of the past without knowing the context would be like judging them on the basis of visual information merely.

Like judging the verbal language by only it’s words. For instance “ich hei├če Daigo” the literature translation would be I am called Daigo. Same is the case with the visual language, without know the context of the language it would be like judging it by the evidences of the words, objects when it comes to paintings.

Context prophels the story and story is what interest people. Sometimes life can depend on it.

These paintings have survived for thousands of years. They will survive until the nature decides on there fate. Some of them have already disappeared. I wouldn’t have liked to see them in museum, they look beautiful where there are. They are suppose to be there and hence there they reside. Puting them in a museum, or constructing some hideous structure arround it would take away the contexts of there existence. All we can do is enjoy them until they survive. Having said that I have just discovered an another layer to the story of disruption, from Homo Erectus to Sapiens, from Dravidians to Aryans.

Daigo, Badami

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