Aretippur / Artipur, Maddur, Karnataka.

Visiting this place is serendipity. Not an easy find, aretippur a beautiful village nested in the bird sanctuary reserve of Kokrebellur.

This village host an Archeological site which has remains of Jain Basadi (basti) complex. Surrounded by fantastic nature and situated on a monolithic hill did truly compensated my disappointments with Mandagiri, Tumkur.

Seated Mahavir on the first hill.
Looking at the artisanship and facial expressions this price of art was executed in Hoysala style. There are pictures of the other findings which are now kept some where in store room I guess.

Really fun part of this visit was the climb of Kanakgiri a hill adjacent to this site. This is the best location of selected for Statue I have ever visited.

Climb of Kanakgiri.
Small opening from the rocks to go towards the top.

Just siting and looking at this Statue is reminder of something deep within. The valley areounf evokes the silence and vastness of chitta. The Mahavira (great victorious one) seating in lotus posture on the hill stands upright and seeming like roaring on the kanakagiri becoming the Bahuballi; abiding the Nirvana and Samsara.

View from the top. A meditative experience indeed.

Having said that, there is some new “development” going on here too. Visit this place before it loses it’s rawness.


Aretippur, Karnataka.

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