Ankola, Karnataka

Sufi from Ulavi suggest this place, instead of directly going to Gokarna.

I did back and forth Gokarna and Ankola, but keeping the stories of each place seperate to avoid confusion for you.

Reaching Ankola from Karwar the first thing I did was to rest on the rocks of honney beach and even slept for a while.

Honey beach (honnebail)

Went out to explore the jungle near by in search of an ancient Jain Basadi (temple). But it came to my understanding after roaming for 3 hours that many of the ancient structures are demolished by the locales to re-use them for living of some other ritualistic purposes.

This region is filled with Goud tribe who are so much unaffected by the colonists. Many of the old people still wear the traditional attire while they still depend on the local ecosystem and jungles for thier livelihood. But this notion would still pass as the young generation is well connected to the modern India through internet and tourism. Many of the aspire to work in hospitality and are well accomodated by the thriving tourism trends in this region.

House built on the ruins of ancient jain temple.

This time I met Sujit on the ferry from Gangavalli river to Gokarna and he told me about his hometown Ankola. And many places that he explored as kid roaming arround in the jungles and on the beaches of Ankola.

Bela beach, Ankola

Sujit is yet another budding entrepreneur I have met on this journey. He has plans to start a resort on Bela Beach in near the Labrinth he showed me. Many kids who went inside have found silver coins on 50meters away from the entrance said Sujit. But the now the entrance of the Labrinth is closed due to land slide on the entrance and inside.

Labyrinth near Bela beach that opens 6km ahead near Gokarna main beach
View of Bela Beach from Basakall hill, Sujit with guy
who lead to the Labrinth.

It is fortune when one meets a guy like Sujit or Kiran and Sufi on the journey like this. They indeed open doors to the surprises which would be inaccessible as a tourist. A sense of local, a bit more indulgence.

Sujit aslo took me to this Babrudeva Jain Basadi. Which as idol from Kalyani Chalukya era. The structure arround it has been renovated and rebuilt many times over past hundreds of years.

Babrudeva, example of Kalyani Chalukya Style sculpted in black schists.

Although it is now a Jain Temple, the name and the idol suggested something else. Babruvahan, the son of Arjuna of Mahabharata who killed his father in battle. The Mangteshwar temple on a island of Bela beach supports the fact as it is said to have ties and exits since the time of Mahabharata.

Mangteshwar temple.

As I said earlier I was doing to and fro Ankola and Gokarna since I reached. The these too places are connected with a ferry on Gangavalli river. The captains of this ferry supermen, they lifted Karina multiple times to load her into the boat!!!

Commute from Ankola to Gokarna. Karina is going places 😆

Youth of this town is phenomenal. With lot of aspirations they are hoping to shap the local economy and bringing there community together into geniun and simple hospitality. No wonders this place has got recognition as a chillax adda.

Shrikant who started a tea and refreshments cafe near the ferry point on Gangavali river has reinvented the lemon soda drink which is quite famous arround. He uses freshly pressed lemon juice and crush to make it like now one else does. This is beauty found in unexpected place.

Amazing refreshing Lime Soda prepared by Shrikant, has experience in hospitality and want to start a new business when he might have to find other enterprise after completion of the Bridge, replacing the ferry.
View while having the lime soda 😉



18Feb2021, Ankola

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